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Brand Marketing
Brand Deep Dives

How Dollar Shave Club Turned a Viral Video Into 10 Years of Marketing Success

As brand marketers, we know that it takes more than one neat trick to become huge. So what else has Dollar Shave Club been doing right to achieve its ​​brand growth? Find out here.

Elena Author Photo Framed

Elena Prokopets

Freelance Writer & Content Strategist

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Brand Strategy

How Luxury Brands Can Overcome The Industry’s 3 Biggest Challenges

Find out why CX is so important for luxury brands, how to create a sense of exclusivity how to grow without compromising your brand’s identity.

Ashley Lightfoot Photo

Ashley Lightfoot

Content Marketing Manager

Image of Elon Musk & a tweet [Thumbnail]

Twitter Blue’s Parody Accounts Wreak Havoc on Brand Safety

Brand parody accounts had a field day with Musk's "Blue subscribers" rollout — putting the brand safety of many a company at risk. Find out more here.

Cory Profile Picture

Cory Schröder

Senior Content Marketing Manager