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Measuring Brand Awareness - As Told by 6 Marketing Experts

Measuring brand awareness is difficult but can be done. Enjoy reading about the 5 measurement tactics that have benefitted marketing professionals.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Data Quality

Marilyn Wilkinson February 18, 2021

How DAZN Became the “Netflix For Sports”

Marilyn Wilkinson January 21, 2021

5 Trends Brands Must Know for 2021

Lavender Nguyen January 14, 2021

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Brand Marketing
4 Biggest Challenges Ecommerce Brands Face In 2021

Finally emerging from the bleak cavern of 2020 will come as a huge relief - but there is no guarantee the year will be better. Here are the biggest challenges e-commerce brands face in 2021.

Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
How to Use Negative Comments on Social Media to Your Brand's Advantage

Ignoring negative comments on social media will do more harm than good. Learn how you can strategically use them to your advantage and build a stronger brand.

Brand Strategy
The Marketer’s Guide to Data Quality

These days, marketing is data-driven. But what happens when the data you trust is inaccurate? And how do you know if your data is high quality or not?

Brand Strategy
How To Build Your Brand by Claiming Online Brand Mentions

Building a brand? Then you better be claiming those brand mentions! Learn how to take full advantage of one of your brand’s biggest untapped resources.

Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
Why We Need to Rethink Brand Perception in 2021 [UPDATED]

Positive brand perception is no longer guaranteed as companies fight to survive in 2021. Discover what you need to do to veer away from the negative.

Brand Marketing
5 Major Reasons Why Rebranding Often Fails

Rebranding can be good - but also bad. Discover how you can avoid making mistakes, using examples of rebranding gone wrong to see the danger lurking.

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