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Measuring Brand Awareness - As Told by 6 Marketing Experts

Measuring brand awareness is difficult but can be done. Enjoy reading about the 5 measurement tactics that have benefitted marketing professionals.

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7 Experts Discuss How They Are Creating Sustainable Brands

Laura Harker November 26, 2020

Three Ways Marketing Will Change Post-COVID-19 in 2021

Ashley Lipman November 19, 2020

6 Ways Brands Fail to Connect with Women

Laura Harker November 12, 2020

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Brand Sustainability, Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
7 Experts Discuss How They Are Creating Sustainable Brands

Incorporating sustainability in your brand marketing shouldn't be hard. Here are our best tips for starting out in sustainable marketing.

Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
Three Ways Marketing Will Change Post-COVID-19 in 2021

After the end of the pandemic, brands will have to adapt to new marketing practices. Here are the three most important trends you need to keep an eye on.

Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
6 Ways Brands Fail to Connect with Women

Want to make sure your marketing targeted to women is successful? Here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid in order to hit the right tone with your female customers.

Brand Marketing, Brand Sustainability, Brand Strategy
How to Avoid Greenwashing as a Sustainable Brand

Greenwashing is a sure way to kill trust in your brand. Don’t give into temptation. Read this article to discover how you can do green marketing the right way.

Brand Awareness, Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy
How Fenty Beauty Has Built Brand Awareness - and Won

Most of us know Fenty Beauty by now but how? Through successful brand awareness campaigns, of course. Read more about them here.

Brand Insights, Brand Tracking
Advanced Brand Tracking vs. DIY Survey Tools: The Lowdown

If you are serious about growing a legendary brand and taking leadership in your industry, you need advanced brand tracking solutions. Here's why you should upgrade and ditch DIY survey tools for good.

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