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Measuring Brand Awareness - As Told by 6 Marketing Experts

Measuring brand awareness is difficult but can be done. Enjoy reading about the 5 measurement tactics that have benefitted marketing professionals.

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How Knowing Your Target Audience Can Improve Your Brand Awareness [UPDATED]

Sam Tetrault May 18, 2021

How to Brew a Strong Beer Brand: Insights from BrewDog

Elena Prokopets May 13, 2021

Brands Embrace Good Causes – Do Consumers Really Care?

Marilyn Wilkinson May 10, 2021

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Brand Awareness, Brand Marketing
How Knowing Your Target Audience Can Improve Your Brand Awareness [UPDATED]

There’s no magic trick to improve brand awareness, but knowing your target audience helps! Find out how defined target audiences can increase brand awareness.

Brand Marketing, Brand Insights
How to Brew a Strong Beer Brand: Insights from BrewDog

Craft beer BrewDog is now competing with players such as Budweiser, Heineken, and Carlsberg. So what stands behind BrewDogs’ success? This article has the answers.

Brand Awareness, Brand Marketing
Content Marketing vs Content Brand Marketing - What's The Difference?

In this article, we’ll take a look at two types of content - content marketing and content brand marketing. Discover which is most suitable for your brand and customer needs.

Brand Strategy
Why a Mobile-First Approach is Key for Brand Success

Ever wondered why marketing experts are obsessed with a mobile-first approach? Read our deep dive into the mobile-first world and why it matters for brand success.

Brand Sustainability
Brands Embrace Good Causes – Do Consumers Really Care?

Brands like Cadbury and Asda are supporting small businesses and the planet to position themselves as sustainable, ethical choices. But do consumers care?

Brand Strategy, Brand Awareness
What's the Hype? How the Netflix Brand Thrives on Controversy

While some brands try to actively avoid controversy, others like Netflix seem to thrive on it. How is controversy part of the Netflix brand? Find out here.

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