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The Rise of Intentionalism & How It Will Affect Your Brand

2020 marked a huge change for the world — and that extended to the way consumers make purchase decisions. Intentionalism is on the rise, is your brand ready for it?

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Cory Schröder

Content Marketing Manager

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Brand Tracking

How to Choose the Right Brand Tracking Tool: A Free Checklist

Choosing a brand tracking tool can be a difficult decision — there's so much to consider. Check out our free checklist to make sure you're ticking all the boxes!

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Joy Corkery

Head of Content Operations

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All You Need to Know About Market Segmentation

Market segmentation can help you build brand loyalty, drive sales and run more effective marketing campaigns.

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Marilyn Wilkinson

Digital Marketing Expert

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How Square Cultivated a Distinctive Brand Through Customer Voices

Ten years ago it was hard to imagine billing customers using a tiny hardware device connected to your smartphone. But Square changed the payment processing experience forever — learn how here.

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Elena Prokopets

Freelance Writer & Content Strategist