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Ashley is a Content Marketing Manager who’s passionate about exploring how brands build their identity and foster relationships with consumers. With more than six years of marketing experience, Ashley has worked on bringing all manner of campaign types to life. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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Patagonia's founder gives the company away to help fight the climate crisis

Patagonia’s Founder Gives The Company Away To Help Fight Climate Crisis

The popular outdoor fashion brand Patagonia has been given away by its founder to help fight the climate crisis, setting a new standard for ethical brands.

3 Brands that changes product offering - image of butterfly emerging from cocoon.
Brand Strategy

3 Brands That Changed Product Offerings & Succeeded

In order to survive many brands need to evolve over time and switch up their main offering — but how do they do it and what can we learn from them? We analyse Nokia, BlackBerry and Amazon.

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Brand Deep Dive Fruit Of The Loom Thumbnail Image
Brand Deep Dives

Is Fruit Of The Loom Held Back By Its Brand Legacy?

The Fruit Of The Loom brand pre-dates the invention of the lightbulb and represents a brand that has gone through numerous changes over the years. But is this legacy holding the brand back?

Image of clothing on a rack [Thumbnail]
Brand Sustainability

ASOS Faces CMA Investigation Into Potential Greenwashing

The CMA has launched an investigation into ASOS, alongside Boohoo, to scrutinize whether they'll be found guilty of potential greenwashing. Find out more here.

Your Guide to Outdoor Advertising - OOH cheat sheet
Brand Insights

An Infographic Guide To Outdoor Advertisements (OOH)

What is OOH advertising? In this guide to outdoor advertisement we explain the basics of billboard advertisements, street furniture and digital OOH