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Delve into our brand tracking data to discover how top global brands are performing with key target audiences and against competitor brands in their industry.

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Brand Performance Data For Key Industries Worldwide

Want to know how some of the world's biggest brands are performing, and how they fare against the competition? We reached 1000s of respondents with Latana to map core brand KPIs, such as brand awareness and brand consideration, to give you the answers.

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Brand Bites Hims Thumbnail SEO
health & wellness

Brand Bite: Hims

Download to learn more about Hims' performance and discover which audiences are most engaged with this D2C male healthcare brand in 2022.

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Brand Bite: Voi

Learn about Swedish e-scooter company VOI and how the brand performs with its British-based target audience. Our latest video has the answer.

Brand Bites tinder Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: Tinder

Take a deep dive into Tinder's brand performance to figure out how this mega-popular dating app is doing with various target audiences in 2022.

Brand Bites Eve Thumbnail Website Grid

Brand Bite: Eve Sleep

Deep dive into Eve Sleep's brand performance to understand the different audience segmentations driving the luxury mattress brand forward.

Brand Bites Pokemon Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was a phenomena in 2016 and is stilled played by millions of people — but who's still playing? We delved into our brand tracking data to find out.

Brand Battles News and Entertainment Thumbnail SEO
news & media

Brand Battles: News & Entertainment

Download to access the latest edition of our "Brand Battle" series — and discover which of our 8 chosen brands reigns supreme in the news & entertainment industry.

Brand Bites Oatly Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: Oatly!

Download to learn more about Oatly's brand's performance in 2022 and discover which audiences in Germany are most interested in this bold vegan brand.

SEO Brand Battles Transport and Mobility Thumbnai

Brand Battles: Mobility & Transport

Find out how the biggest car sharing and escooter brands that have revolutionized the transport and mobility sector shape up against each other!

SEO Brand Bites 8fit Thumbnail

Brand Bite: 8fit

Take a deep dive into 8fit's brand performance to discover which audiences it's performing well with — and what their brand associations are in 2022.

Brand Battles DatingApps Thumbnail SEO

Brand Battles: Dating Apps

Download the latest edition of our "Brand Battle" series now — this time on the dating app industry — to discover which of our 8 chosen brands comes out on top in 2022.

Brand Bites Kiehl-s Thumbnail Website Grid

Brand Bite: Kiehl's

Established in 1851, Kiehl's has been a player in the cosmetics industry for a while. But brand performance can change over time. So, who are Kiehl's strongest audiences in 2022? Download to find out.

Brand Battles MealKitDelivery Thumbnail SEO
delivery services

Brand Battles: Meal Kit Delivery

Download to gain access to the eighth edition of our "Brand Battle" series now! Discover which of our 8 chosen brands comes out on top in the meal kit delivery industry.

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