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With advancements in technology, more and more consumers are empowered to invest time and money into self-improvement and learn new skills in the comfort of their home. As a result, e-learning has taken off, to become an industry on the rise — but which brands get the best grades when it comes to brand awareness and consideration? We wanted to find out!

In this edition of "Brand Battles", eight distinct e-learning brands will be pitted against one another in seven battles — but only one winner will emerge. Who do you think it will be — Rosetta Stone? SkillShare? Udacity? Download now to find out!

What's inside?

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The Chosen Brands

Course Hero, Datacamp, Elevate, MyTutor, Pluralsight, Rosetta Stone, Skillshare, & Udacity

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The Chosen Brand KPIs

Exclusive brand awareness and 
brand consideration data from Latana.

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Bonus Brand Insights

Access to additional brand preference data for our winning e-learning brand


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