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Find Out Which Audiences Are AliExpress' Biggest Fans

Online eCommerce retailer AliExpress was founded in 2010. Based out of China and owned by the Alibaba Group, this brand started out as a B2B selling portal. However, it has since expanded and, now, also allows for B2C and C2C models.

However, unlike rival Amazon, AliExpress functions merely as a platform to facilitate connections — it does not sell products directly to consumers. For this reason and others, some people feel that the brand poses a potential risk to buyers, such as fraud. Nevertheless, millions of consumers all over the globe use AliExpress regularly. But who are they? Download our Brand Bite to find out.

What's inside?

Sample Size

1000 respondents via mobile surveys.

Audience Segmentation

Respondents segmented by age, gender, and education level.

Geo Focus

Focus on the US, with respondents selected randomly from around the country.

Results Sneak Peek

Gen Z is 30% more aware of AliExpress than Boomers.


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