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Find Out Which Audiences Are Supporting Kiehl's Today

Established as a homeopathic pharmacy in 1851 Manhattan, these days, Kiehl's is an upscale natural cosmetics & skincare brand with an international presence. With an unconventional approach to marketing, Kiehl's has long relied on word-of-mouth and an extensive amount of free samples to grow its brand awareness.

Purchased by L'Oréal in 2000 with the promise to stay 
true to its established brand identity — while also expanding internationally and increasing the brand's presence — Kiehl's is unique among skincare brands for its impressive male client base. In 2022, Kiehl's is still a popular brand, but which audiences are its biggest fans? Download our Brand Bite to find out.

What's inside?

Sample Size

1000 respondents via mobile surveys.

Audience Segmentation

Respondents segmented by age, gender, and education level.

Geo Focus

Focus on the US, with respondents selected randomly from around the country.

Results Sneak Peek

Women are only 20% more aware of Kiehl's than men.


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