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Who's Still Trying To Catch 'em All on Pokémon Go?

Despite being the most valuable media franchise in the world, Pokémon — at least in the USA and Europe — lacked the impact of rivals like Star Wars or Harry Potter. That is, until Pokémon Go came along. In the year of its release, the augmented reality video game garnered 232 million annual active players, was downloaded more than a billion times, and generated a whopping $6 billion in revenue.

But all this was in 2016, and the world of gaming moves quickly. Though nothing has quite matched Pokémon Go's impact, the game's "moment" has certainly passed. But with 71 million players still engaged, we wanted to get the measure of Pokémon Go's brand.

What's inside?

Sample Size

500 respondents via mobile surveys.

Audience Segmentation

Respondents segmented by age, gender, and education level.

Geo Focus

Focus on the US, with respondents selected randomly from around the country.

Results Sneak Peek

85% of mobile gamers are aware 
of Pokémon Go


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