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Latana For Better Consumer Insights

Insightful Dashboard

Navigate through your dashboard to uncover data trends using combinations of geography, time period, KPIs, brands, and core audience segments.


Choose from 1000s of characteristics to build the target audiences that matter most for your brand.

Global Reach

Access to millions of respondents across 100+ countries and thousands 
of cities.

Using Consumer Insights to Build the Strong Brand You Need to Succeed

Make Informed Decisions on Campaigns

Get consumer insights that show how your target audience feels right now. Tie your brand campaigns to real-world changes in your audience to see the true impact of your marketing efforts.

See How the Competition is Performing

Consumer insights needn't be limited to your brand. Follow how your competitors' campaigns are impacting brand performance over time and use the insights to improve your own strategy.

Better Understand 
Your Audience

Growth-inducing consumer insights begin with the audiences that matter most to for you. Confidently break down brand performance by the demographics and consumer attributes that are linked to your brand to understand how your target audience perceives you.

Preview New 
Growth Avenues

Get consumer insights that can help you increase your market share. Segment data by target audiences across various regions to find new areas of growth for your brand.

Why Latana?

Reliable Brand Data

Great data is our expertise. We eliminate the chances that consumer insights may become irrelevant, are inaccurate, or no longer serve the initial goal of the project. Spend a little more on your data collection and use Latana to:

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Get representative and holistic insights on your brand, a result of extra measures to reduce opinion based biases

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Rely on an advanced algorithm that ensures higher accuracy and lower margins of error across the board

Dashboards with different kinds of charts in purple colours
Dashboards with different kinds of charts in purple colours

Professional Support

A lack of specificity in consumer insights research may lead to poor understanding of how to design a tracker or sample size to reach your target audience and get the insights you need. As experts in brand tracking as a consumer research discipline, we eliminate this possibility. With Latana, you can:

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Connect with an experienced team of researchers, data scientists, and project managers that supports you from the preparation of your survey right down to the delivery of your results

Illustration showing three people, two sitting and one presenting  in a meeting room
Illustration showing three people, two sitting and one presenting  in a meeting room

City Level Tracking

Want to know how your campaigns are performing in a specific region? Testing marketing efforts in one city versus another? A hyper-local brand where cities are your business? With Latana, you can:

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Get a standardised, concise and regular tracker focused on brand awareness and brand perception for city-focused businesses or city-focused campaigns.

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Rely on demand-side ad platforms for programmatic sampling of real-time and non-incentivised respondents, with a high precision on targeting and a focus on quality insights.

Illustration showing a map and a magnifying glass in white and blue colours
Illustration showing a map and a magnifying glass in white and blue colours

Mobile-Optimized Surveys

Getting consumer insights is not as simple as asking people a bunch of questions via a survey. A certain technique is needed. That's why we create a smooth mobile user experience for survey respondents that ensures valid and reliable results. That means Latana consumer insights:

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Provide respondents with a clear, intuitive, and engaging user experience so that respondents are far more likely to pay closer attention to their answers - meaning more reliable insights for you.

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Optimised question wording and survey flow allow for maximum information capture with minimum respondent confusion or effort.

Illustration showing a mobile phone with coloured shapes on the screen
Illustration showing a mobile phone with coloured shapes on the screen


Better Understand Your 
 Target Audience and Grow

Discover how AirHelp uses Latana to better understand their 
target audience and create more impactful brand campaigns that will 
further accelerate growth.

Airhelp logo in a multicoloured background with text Airhelp. Here to help

Because of Latana, we can now better understand the differences between our target audiences, as well as how we fare against our competitors. Innovative and easy to use, the platform has helped us confirm hypotheses. We will use this data to improve our brand campaigns.

Felix Ecke,
Marketing Manager, Germany at AirHelp

Consumer Insights Resources for Brand Managers

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Level Up : Gathering Consumer Insights

Everything you need to know about upping your game when it comes to gathering and utilizing consumer insights.

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A Guide to TV Advertising in 2021

Could this be the new golden age of television? Get the FREE Guide to TV Advertising to learn everything you need to know about advertising your brand on TV.

Workplace Advice For Brand and Marketing Managers

Branding and marketing are robust channels important for the success of a company. However, the continual changing of what's hot and what's not can cause additional stress on the people driving it forward. At Latana, we understand that a brand is not just the logo and colors but the people behind that too. That's why we launched the #workplaceadvice series for our community of brand and marketing managers. Stop by to read about the everyday challenges people in these roles encounter, and what they can do to subside them.

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