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Sustainability Perception Index

Latana For Responsible Brands

Consumer mindshift is changing: sustainable products are surpassing in sales those deemed non-sustainable, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and are willing to boycott companies that don’t meet their standard. Companies and brands must now focus on sustainable production and practices to meet the needs of the consumer.

Understand the Impact of Sustainability on Your Brand

Determine Where You Stand. Track Shifts in Perception. Steer Change.

Brand Perception

Is your brand perceived as part of the problem or part solution? Change perception with targeted initiatives.

Product Category

Find out what aspects of sustainability are most important for consumers and how this impacts their buying behavior.

Competitor Benchmark

Benchmark against other industry players and global sustainability leaders and derive a succinct sustainability strategy.

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Insights for Impact and Growth

Advanced Research Practices

A fresh and alternative way to determine brand performance and accelerate growth. Benefit from better accuracy and customizable features for more value than any other tracker.

Insights for Impact and Growth

More Segmented Insights

Dive deeper into brand performance on a location and audience level while retaining a low margin of error.

Insights for Impact and Growth

Discover Your Market Position

Benchmark your brand against the main competition and allow comparisons across hundreds of countries, industries, and audiences.

Insights for Impact and Growth

Dedicated Support

Our in-house researcher ensures you get the most value from your tracking, from the launch of your tracking to analyzing the results.

Customer Stories

Latana's brand tracker allows us to prove the value of brand advertising and gives us an understanding of the maturity of our brand across markets

Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, Headspace

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