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AirHelp created better brand campaigns that will further accelerate its growth

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Founded in 2013, AirHelp has grown into the world’s largest air passenger rights advocate, helping more than 13 million passengers to date. AirHelp educates passengers about their rights and helps them to claim compensation for delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights.

"Because of Latana, we can now better understand the differences between our target audiences, as well as how we fare against our competitors. Innovative and easy to use, the platform has helped us confirm hypotheses. We will use this data to improve our brand campaigns"

The Challenge

AirHelp Needed To Take A Brand Marketing Approach

They were used to a performance-driven background with a concentration on ROI and revenue and although they were hitting the roof with this approach, they were wary of wasting budget by running brand campaigns. They believed that without a solid understanding of their target audiences and how they currently fare against competitor brands, they would not be successful with brand marketing.

The Solution

It Was Time To Use A Brand Tracking Solution

AirHelp turned to Latana Brand Tracking because it would provide reliable data on brand perception and awareness. They were also drawn to Latana’s ability to scale the 20 markets required, while also fitting the required role of a “new and innovative” tool.

The Result

Understanding Your Target Audience

Latana helped AirHelp understand how they performed across their different target audiences and where they stood against the competition. Latana also helped AirHelp find dozens of new audiences, many of which the company had not in sight before. This data would be important in overtaking the competition. Latana’s intuitive dashboard showed AirHelp they were not the only brand in their industry experiencing an increase in brand awareness. AirHelp can now confidently continue their current marketing campaigns, knowing they are positively impacting their target audiences. AirHelp is working to increase the scope of their marketing and growth by targeting high-performing audiences they hadn’t previously been aware of before.

Key Findings

Latana showed AirHelp that brand awareness was highest in young people with a high level of education and income. The data also confirmed that brand awareness is especially high for frequent travelers.

Frequent Travelers

have especially high brand awareness

High Education

among young people led to highest brand awareness

Brand Awareness

is increasing for Airhelp’s competitors

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