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How reBuy defined their market position and gained fresh insights to fuel their rebrand

Founded in 2004 as Trade-a-Game GmbH and then rebranded in 2009, reBuy gives old products a new lease of life. reBuy customers can buy and sell inexpensive yet high-quality used electronics and media items.

“Because of Latana, we have seen new brand associations coming up for the first time in younger audiences. We were able to use the insights to create an even stronger rebrand than we had originally planned”

The Challenge

reBuy Had Lost Track of Their Audience

After 10 years in the market, reBuy had lost track of who their core audiences were and what their consumers really wanted. They noticed that their customers were moving to their competitors instead and didn’t know why. To get these answers, they decided to incorporate brand tracking into their marketing strategy. reBuy needed to determine how they currently stood among consumers regarding their core associations - quality, price value - but were also interested in finding new target audiences they hadn’t considered before.

The Solution

reBuy Used Latana to Track Brand Associations

reBuy used Latana’s Brand Tracker to discover performance levels for key brand associations and why their target audiences were choosing to purchase from the competition instead.

The Result

reBuy Are Using the Insights as Part of Their Rebrand

Latana presented a new target audience to reBuy: younger consumers interested in sustainability. This was the first time reBuy saw sustainability appear as a brand association. Although they could understand why the brand would be associated with sustainability, they were not actively communicating it in their messaging and not expecting it to be a key driver.

The Result

reBuy Found They Were Outperforming the Competition

Based on insights provided by Latana’s data, reBuy also saw that their original core associations were still important for their audience: quality and price value. Considering that their marketing efforts around “good prices” were paying off and reBuy is outperforming the competition here, they are happy to continue with this segment of their marketing strategy.

Key Findings

reBuy now fully understands their target audiences’ associations with their brand. Not only do they have confirmation that their price-based marketing works, they also have a new audience, “young consumers who are interested in sustainability”, to include as a part of their fundamental decision making. This audience will also be part of future rebranding efforts.

Discovered a New Target Audience

Younger consumers ( over 20% of their customer base) associated the brand with sustainability, an area reBuy hadn’t explored previously

Price Value is Important for reBuy

“Price value” is one of the most important brand associations for more than 50% of reBuy’s customers

Price-Based Marketing is Impacting Sales

Price-based marketing is having a positive impact on sales, accounting for more than 20% of their market growth.

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