Accurately Track Your Target Audience With Reliable Data

Unlock consumer insights with precise geographic granularity from specific cities or highly targeted audiences around the world.

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Millions of Voices in One Single Place

We provide unprecedented geographic granularity and scalability for your brand

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Measure the Right Target Audience With Custom Segmentation

Our advanced algorithms enable you to track the target audiences that matter to you with confidence, to allow you to measure the impact your brand is making amongst your core consumers.

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Reach Your Target Audience With Global Survey Distribution

To ensure wide demographic and geographic coverage, Latana utilises vast-reaching ad-tech infrastructure to distribute surveys to people living in 100+ countries and 1000s of cities worldwide.

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Better Understand Your Target Audience With Language Support

Our dedicated team of project managers ensures that your survey is translated and localized so you can gather the insights you require in any destination.

Find the People That Matter Most For Your Brand

We use the latest technology and research trends to ensure brands can reach the target audiences that will drive them forward

City Level Tracking

Want to know how your campaigns are performing in a specific region? Testing marketing efforts in one city versus another? A hyper-local brand where cities are your business? Latana's City Tracking feature can give you the insights you need to succeed.

Use city level tracking to:

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Eliminate the noise and inaccuracy that comes from running a national-level survey when all you need is data for a specific city

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Benefit from the flexibility of launching impromptu tracking targeting the specific locations connected to marketing campaigns

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Map With People's faces on some capitals

Global Ad-tech Infrastructure

We use the latest in global ad-tech infrastructure to reach over 6 billion smartphone users globally. Use our global ad-tech infrastructure to access truly organic and casual audiences in the app-based ad-space for authentic and representative brand opinions.


Precision and Accuracy For Target Audience Data You Can Use

Get the insights you need to make brand decisions based on facts not gut feeling

Trusted Answers from a Global Target Audience

We ensure insights are generated from a representative and trusted global target audience, using additional automations to eliminate any noise in the results and provide only meaningful insights.

Data Accuracy from Machine Learning

Our MRP algorithm uses data input such as audience characteristics to make better predictions for data outcomes than quota sampling can, to ensure stability and accuracy of your audience tracking.

Consistent Data Quality

Our automated quality-monitoring and data-cleaning processes ensure we always deliver on high-quality and consistently reliable insights for your target audience.

Reliable Data For Accurate Insights

Our dedicated research and data science teams use best practices and advanced algorithms to provide brand insights you can trust.

Mobile-Optimized Surveys

We create a smooth mobile user experience for survey respondents that ensures valid and reliable results.

Latana uses mobile-optimized UX survey design to collect responses in a way that is set up to enable accurate and honest answering. A better user experience for survey takers leads to higher response rates, better quality answer patterns and the assurance that you receive reliable brand insights from the people that matter most to you.

Illustration of three mobile phones displaying a survey
Illustration of three mobile phones displaying a survey

Multilevel Regression and Poststratification (MRP)

Our advanced brand tracking techniques guarantee reliable data and deeper insights for our users.

Our MRP algorithm learns over time ensuring reliable and precise results that help brands make better decisions. Feel safe tracking your brand's progress knowing our methodologies produces lower margins of error and quality insights that are more closely aligned to real-world changes. MRP-treated data smoothes outliers in survey data over time and unlocks reliable audience segmentation so you can monitor the most important target audiences for your brand.

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 illustration with people's groups

Professional Support

We don't just provide reliable brand insights. At the core of the Latana product is a dedicated team waiting to help you on your brand tracking journey.

Accurate brand tracking requires more than sending your target audience a list of questions. If you team isn't experienced in consumer insights research or doesn't have the capacity to reach the audiences that matter most for your brand, you won't get the data you need. That's why all our users are connected with an experienced team of researchers, data scientists, and project managers. Our team are on board to provide all the support you need from the preparation of your survey right down to the delivery of your results.

Laptop with Latana's dashboard
Laptop with Latana's dashboard

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