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Brand Funnel

A brand funnel is a conceptual model that represents a consumer-centric framework for the theoretical journey people take towards brand loyalty. Just like any other relationship, there are different stages of a consumer's relationship with a brand. Understanding first how customers journey through the brand funnel is crucial for the success of your brand.

What Does The Brand Funnel Include?

The brand funnel moves through the following customer stages:

1. Brand Awareness

The first stage of the brand funnel helps you see how many people are aware of your brand.

2. Brand Consideration

Out of everyone aware of your brand, this stage of the funnel shows how many people would actually consider making a purchase.

3. Brand Preference

This stage of the brand funnel shows how many people would choose your brand over the competition.

4. Brand Usage

With brand usage, you can see how many people are currently using your brand. It is also possible to see to what extent they are using your brand i.e. frequency.

5. Brand Advocacy

The final stage of the brand funnel determines how many people would recommend your brand. This stage can also be labelled as brand loyalty.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Brand Funnel?

  • It can assess your brand’s health

  • You can use it to see where you’re losing your audience

  • It can help you determine what changes you can make to patch any holes

How Can I Read The Brand Funnel?

Depending on how well your brand is performing, your brand funnel can take several different shapes. Each shape can give a top-level overview of your brand performance.

The Skinny Brand Funnel

A skinny brand is a sign that you are having trouble at the beginning of the customer journey: drawing attention to your brand. It means that any marketing campaigns that are designed to gain awareness of your brand are not resonating with your target audience. To help alleviate this struggle, make sure you have the correct target audience in mind and are marketing directly to them.

The Upside Down Brand Funnel

The shape of the upside down brand funnel is wide at the beginning but becomes increasingly more narrow as consumers continue their journey. This shape indicates that you are not doing enough to drive consumers to make a purchase and/or stick around. If this is the case with your brand, somethings to consider are:

  • Dependence on vouchers/discount codes

  • Too many similarities to the competition

  • A bad product/service

  • Unsatisfactory customer service

The Fat Brand Funnel

A robust brand funnel from top to bottom is exactly what you want to see! It means you have a well-rounded process. Just remember that people are fickle. make sure to stay on top of things if you want to keep your brand funnel full.