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Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is a process of reformatting one’s website to ensure that mobile visitors experience a customized, high-quality experience that fits their smartphone’s smaller screen.

What Is The Difference Between a Mobile-Friendly Website and a Mobile-Optimized Website?

A mobile-friendly website:

  • Adapts regular website screen to smaller dimensions

A mobile-optimized website:

  • Creates a reformatted version of the website suitable for mobile use. This includes menus, buttons, and navigation bar, as well as an optimized screen load time for mobile.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Optimization?

  • Google used the mobile version of website content for ranking and indexing

  • An improved user experience

  • Improved user experience

  • Improved SEO

  • Improved performance

  • Faster loading time

  • More time spent on website

  • Increased engagement

What Are Some Mobile-Optimization Best Practices?

  • Keep some text above the fold so visitors are aware they need to continue scrolling

  • Blend mobile and website for a better user experience

  • Use responsive design techniques

  • Consider code over images to ensure load speed stays optimal

  • Keep intrusive ads to a minimum

  • Check your mobile site across various operating and display systems to ensure there are no bugs

  • Use structured data

  • Compress images