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Unaided Brand Awareness

Unaided brand awareness is when a brand is at the top of consumers’ minds without any prompting. For example, in a survey, one might ask "Which brands come to mind when thinking about cars?" The brands that respondents think of without any prompting (i.e. Audi, Ford, VW) have strong unaided brand awareness.

How Does It Differ From Aided Brand Awareness?

When consumers are presented with a list of brand names and logos and asked which they recognise, this is aided brand awareness.

Why Is Unaided Brand Awareness Important?

  • Unaided brand awareness is directly linked to brand equity. The higher the brand equity a company has, the higher the market value they have.

  • If your brand is the one that is top of consumers' minds when thinking about a particular product or service, the more likely they will choose to but from your brand, therefore increasing your slice of the market share.

  • Consumers are more likely to trust and choose a brand they are familiar with.

  • Unaided brand awareness is a sign that your marketing is resonating with consumers.

Who Should Track Unaided Brand Awareness?

Accurate data for unaided brand awareness is only possible for established brands that already have a very large market share. Smaller brands, and even more established brands in a competitive space, will struggle to get data for unaided brand awareness that they can depend on.