A Guide to 
Data-Driven Marketing For Beginners

Download to learn how and why data-driven marketing is changing the way brand managers approach campaigns and content — and how you too can build a better marketing strategy using data.

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What This Guide Explores

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. While a "spray and pray" approach was normal in 
the past, brands these days can and should be more targeted in how they address their customers.

Part of what makes brands such as Amazon, Airbnb, 
and Spotify so successful is their innovative use of data and machine-learning algorithms. Deeply understanding their target audience has provided them with a significant competitive advantage, blowing their traditional counterparts out of the water.

With a data-driven approach, you can invest your precious budget in content and campaigns that truly resonate with your audience, building trust and loyal customers.

This guide will provide you with a complete understanding of what data-driven marketing is, and how you can build a data-driven marketing strategy.

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Discover How You Can Use Data 
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Learn why 
data-driven marketing 
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