Industry benchmarking: stay one step ahead of the competition

Easily see how you stack up against competing brands and top performers, and understand where your brand ranks in comparison to industry averages.

What is industry benchmarking, 
 and why is it important?

Industry benchmarking is the process of measuring the performance of different brands within an industry against one another in order to determine where your brand stands in comparison with the goal of improvement.

One of the most important resources available to growing brands is industry benchmarking data. It can help your brand define growth goals for important performance metrics like brand awareness, brand consideration, brand associations, brand preference, and more.

What to remember when setting up industry benchmarking


The point of benchmarking is to identify internal opportunities for improvement


Brands need to be careful and thoughtful about which companies they choose to benchmark themselves against


Choose brands that make sense for your company’s long-term goals and objectives


Industry benchmarking data can be useful for brands of all sizes

Industry Benchmarking With Latana

Latana is equipped with an industry benchmarking functionality that provides access to your own company’s brand KPI data, as well as that of your competitors. The data is presented in an interactive dashboard, seen as an average line across your selected brands. Brands can easily use our industry benchmarking to see how they compare to relevant competitors — and how much room they have to grow.

Learn from audience opinions 
and competitor performance

Discover which factors motivate consumers to consider brands

Segment data by location, income, gender, education level

How Latana's industry insights can help your brand

Our product provides brands with access to widespread awareness benchmarking data of up to 20 brands in various categories. Data sets included are:


Discover which consumers are active in your industry and considering using products or services that are relevant to your brand.

Discover which consumers are active in your industry and considering using products or services that are relevant to your brand.

Find out the percentage of consumers that know your brand and chart how this changes over time.

Determine the key factors that make people purchase from a brand like yours, and how they differ across target groups.

Learn exactly how brand competitive your industry is, and where you stand against 
the competition.

Discover how many consumers are active in your industry and are considering using products or services relevant to your brand, in real-world population terms.

Our data quality
promise to you

At Latana, our main focus is on providing quality data you can trust. Our advanced, non-incentivized sampling and machine-learning modeling provide you with unmatched data quality that you can reliably base marketing decisions on.

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Case Studies

See how industry leaders are using Latana to improve brand performance.

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How N26 reached a new niche audience and grew their market share

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Headspace replicated successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth

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