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The world is slowly becoming a more sustainable place — and consumers want sustainable products to match. That includes e-bikes.

The e-bike industry has boomed over the last few years, especially in the wake of a global pandemic where alternative methods of transport were desired. In addition, many cities have become more cycle-friendly, and the introduction of e-bikes has helped commuters overcome even the hilliest areas. It's safe to say that the positive perception of cycling is on the rise.

A growing but new product, e-bikes are already a multi-billion dollar industry. Where can it go from there? What motivates this market? And, most importantly, where does your brand fit in? Sign up for our e-bike industry insights to find out.

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Latana's E-Bike Brand Insights delivers key brand perception data for 10 players in the industry. Opinions from key audience segmentations provide a detailed look at how brands are performing in regards to market size, brand awareness, and purchase drivers. Use this data to:

• Uncover and understand the e-bike user population
• Track your brand and other e-bike competitors' performance over time
• Discover what factors motivate people to consider e-bike brands

What’s inside?

• Key insight into 10 brands: Canyon, Cowboy, Gazelle, Haibike, Raleigh, Rad Power Bikes, Sushi-bikes, Tenways, Van Moof, Winora
• Key insight into important purchase drivers: quality, design, price, brand name, battery life
• Data from USA, UK, or Germany
• Ability to segment data by category user, age, gender, income, education level, and region

*Additional audience segmentions and brand KPIs are available upon request

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Why Latana?

Latana is focused on advanced brand tracking to bring you reliable insights. Join a revolution in brand tracking technology that provides you with rich datasets to track your category and brand performance over time.

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Our intuitive dashboard provides easy access to all category and brand insights for you and your team.

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In-dashboard benchmarking features so you can see how you stack up against competitors, industry averages, and top performers over time.

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Dig deeper into your insights by segmenting audiences by category users, age groups, gender, education levels, income, or regions.

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Our advanced sampling and machine-learning modeling provide you with unmatched data quality that you can rely on.

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