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In a world where sustainability is becoming more and more important, we see the rise of the fairtrade chocolate industry. While the chocolate industry had previously been focused on taste over everything else, consumers are now interested in where their chocolate comes from and if the people making it are being fairly treated. Therefore, many fairtrade chocolate brands have become popular in the last few years.

However, reliable brand and industry data is scarce. How many people regularly buy chocolate? What is it they value most: flavor, price or quality? What will drive them to purchase? And which are the fairtrade chocolate brands that these people know best?

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What’s inside?

Latana’s Fairtrade Chocolate Insights delivers core industry data and brand performance of up to 20 relevant players in the industry per market, to help you stay ahead of the competition.
Use this industry dataset to get:

• Insights on how many people regularly buy chocolate and what their key purchase drivers are
• Brand awareness estimates for fairtrade chocolate brands among purchase considerers and ability to segment results by other demographic profiles
• Monthly updates on changes in awareness levels among the general population with performance and industry benchmarks
• Unlimited access to a dashboard with the ability to download charts and raw data

Tracked brands

Is your market or brand not available?

Tracked brands

Is your market or brand not available?

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Why Latana?

Latana is focused on bringing you reliable insights. Join a revolution in brand performance technology that provides you with rich datasets to track your industry and brand performance over time.

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you can trust

Our advanced sampling and machine-learning modeling provide you with unmatched data quality that you can rely on.

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Our experts do the heavy lifting 
for you by designing a set of meaningful and quality-assured KPIs, giving you confidence when benchmarking your competitors 
and tracking your brand performance.

Insight-driven dashboard

Our dashboard is designed to put quality insights at the forefront. Uncover the most relevant updates for your brand with ease, explore your data further with intuitive navigation, and save your team hours of manual data work.

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