Mobile-Optimized Brand Surveys for Better Consumer Insights

Unlock reliable data with precise geographic granularity from specific cities or highly targeted audiences around the world.

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Mobile-Optimized Brand Surveys

Neglecting to optimize surveys for respondent's convenience can result in sub-par data collection and potentially even poor data quality. Ensuring the survey design is applicable for mobile devices not only ensures a wider reach of respondent but also reduces risk of respondent fatigue or frustration, both of which in turn can lead to higher abandonment rates or even dishonest answering. Latana surveys are optimized for mobile, with a focus on reliable and effective data collection.

How Mobile-Optimized Brand Surveys Can Help You Better Understand the Effectiveness of Your Brand Activity

We use the latest technology and research trends to ensure brands can reach the target audiences that will drive them forward.

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Real-Time Insights

Our surveys work better in real-time thanks to their mobile-optimized capabilities, meaning you access more respondents for your brand surveys in a faster time frame.

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Engaging User Experience

A clear and intuitive user experience means respondents are far more likely to pay closer attention to their answers than those who feel frustrated and fatigued.

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Progressive Survey Design

Optimized question wording and survey flow allow for maximum information capture with minimum respondent confusion or effort.

How Latana's Mobile-Optimized Brand Surveys Differ From the Rest

Survey Questions With Siloed Brands

For certain KPIs, we present respondents with siloed brands and single format "no/not sure/yes" response to greatly increase attention rates and ensure an accurate and unbiased response. For other KPIs that require a brand list format, we control for the number of brands that appear to respondents to reduce any risk of bias. The increased engagement, ease of intuitive button design and elimination of bias from long and changing brand lists ensures quality of data here.

Illustration with mobiles - have you heard of the following brand
Illustration with mobiles - have you heard of the following brand

Authentic Information Capture

Our mobile-optimized brand surveys provide highly intuitive designs and clear instructions, making it easier for respondents to move through the questions quickly and provide totally accurate and authentic responses. This method removes ambiguous and untrustworthy data from our collection.

Mobiles headspace-emma
Mobiles headspace-emma

Intuitive Mobile Design

We use large and concise text to ensure surveys are clear and easy to read for mobile users. Touch tapping and swiping are used as efficient means of response capture. These options will also easily translate back to a desktop version to avoid alienating device options and will ensure consistency in results.

Ilustration with mobiles - how are you feeling today
Ilustration with mobiles - how are you feeling today

How Mobile Optimized Surveys Bring Better Brand Tracking Insights

Download our latest whitepaper to go deeper into how we use mobile-optimized brand surveys to ensure better quality and more accurate data.

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How We Help Brands Create the Best User Experience for Their Target Audience

Experienced In-House Team

Our dedicated team of researchers and project managers ensures that your mobile-optimized brand survey is set up in a way that will best engage your target audience and gather the insights you require.

Illustration - illustrated people inside coloured circles
Illustration - illustrated people inside coloured circles

Research-Approved Brand Surveys

Our mobile-optimized brand surveys feature KPIs that have been thoroughly tested and approved by our researchers. You can pick and choose which KPIs are most applicable to your brand and our research team are always happy to advise on your best setup.

Illustration - UPS blue bubbles with a photo of a man in the middle
Illustration - UPS blue bubbles with a photo of a man in the middle

API-Powered Sampling

We use API-powered sampling to connect with real-time online respondents to generate authentic opinions and avoid the learned respondent behavior of 
traditional panels. Thus, we are able to provide more accurate, representative data.

Peoples' characteristics diagram
Peoples' characteristics diagram

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