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How to Choose the Right Brand Tracker: Free Checklist

October 7, 2019
Joy Corkery
Head of Content Operations

It’s tough out there for a brand. Isn’t that right? It’s even tougher if you don’t use a brand tracker that provides accurate insights into your brand’s health. Download and print this free brand tracker checklist and next time you have a sales call with a provider, ensure they tick all the boxes.

Why Use a Brand Tracker?

The answer is easy: a brand tracker can help you grow your brand.

"How?" you may ask. "Isn't its purpose just to tell me how my audience perceives my brand or how my campaign effecting my brand health?".


Using the data from a brand tracker you can also:

1. Find and define new target audiences.

As well as:

2. Avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors.

But before you can do any of these things, you need to find the right brand tracker for your brand.

What to Ask When Looking for a Brand Tracker

Take your time when choosing a brand tracker. Not only should you make sure it offers access to your target markets, is within your budget, and has a good reputation, you should also ensure that it checks positive for the following questions.

✅ Download the Checklist (pdf)

Brand Logos

Question: Do you include brand logos in your surveys?

Correct Answer: Surveys which include brand logos enhance visualisation which leads to more accurate responses.


Question: How many audiences do I have access to?

Correct Answer: To get ahead of the game, you need to be able to access accurate data for your target audience(s) - no matter how niche. The standard 1-2 audiences are not enough.

Real-World Changes

Question: Can you detect real-world changes?

Correct Answer: If just age and gender are kept stable in the sample composition, real-world changes can’t be detected.

Sample Size

Question: What sample size do you use?

Correct Answer: The larger the sample size, the more reliable and precise the results are. Aim for at least 1,000 per wave.

Data Accuracy

Question: How accurate are your data?

Correct Answer: Many brand trackers have large confidence bounds that go far beyond 10%. They will not provide you with accurate data.

Brand KPIs

Question: Which KPIs do you track?

Correct Answer: Different brand trackers will track different KPIs. Be sure your brand tracker of choice at least tracks brand awareness, consideration, and associations.

Competitor Brands

Question: How many brands can I track?

Correct Answer: Tracking just your own brand provides a limited scope of the marketplace. Find a brand tracker that allows you to track your competitors’ brand performance too.

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