Inside the German Tech Rental Industry's Target Audience
Brand InsightsAugust 5, 2019

Inside the German Tech Rental Industry's Target Audience

August 5, 2019
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As a brand manager, you are always looking for the latest insights into your target audience and customer base. You need to know what makes them tick. This way you can come up with unique marketing campaigns that will be appealing and engaging to them. Not only that, this information also helps you improve brand perception and brand awareness.

It is especially important that you are clued up on important insights when you are about to launch a brand in a new or up-and-coming sector. Take tech rental, for instance. It’s a relatively new market that allows consumers to rent the latest tech devices rather than buy them outright. Think of it as Netflix for gadgets. There are still very few companies that operate in this sector, so there isn’t too much data out there regarding consumer perception and what people want to see from the brands.

So, if you’re a brand manager or marketer tasked with starting a new strategy in this market, you might not be too sure where to even begin. This is where this article comes in. We’ve surveyed 2,027 Germans (1,005 male and 1,022 female) who have an interest in tech rental. Take note of the insights gathered and use them in your next brand marketing campaign.

Germans, the Tech Rental Industry, and the Target Audience

When asked what their main goal was, a resounding 60% said that they wanted to spend more time with their friends and family. This was clearly more important to women, as 64% agreed compared with 56% of men. Why not run a special campaign regarding TV rental that encouraged families to spend their evenings together watching a movie? Show them how your product is connected with their values.

One further statistic that would back up this kind of campaign is that 59% currently spend their free time with family. In fact, this was the top answer for women at 66%. Even though this answer came in at second place for men, 51% of the male audience is still worth targeting.

When asked what they are most interested in, the majority of the respondents answered with movies and TV. The split was 45% for men and 54% for women. Again, this shows that a tech rental firm could do quite well if they were to market TVs and devices that offer streaming services.

The data from the survey suggests that the target audience for tech rental would also be interested in PCs and laptops as well. 66% said that they watch TV and browse online using a PC, laptop, or tablet device. If we break these numbers down by gender, we can see that 72% of males prefer to browse online while 70% of women prefer to watch TV.

It would be foolish for tech rental brands to become too absorbed with devices and gadgets for TV and films, though. There is one other big pastime that the market could tap into – social media. When asked about their most-used apps, 60% said YouTube while Facebook was second place with 52%. When it comes to their personal tech device, 62% of males and 49% of females said they would purchase the one with the highest computing power. So, if your tech rental firm doesn’t already offer a range of high-powered personal devices, it could be time to look into that.

Don’t forget that around 49% of people (53% males and 40% females) are now also working a 30+ hour week, so most of your target audience will be constantly on the go leading busy lives. They need personal tech devices that can provide them with constant social media updates, daily news, and communication features no matter where they are.

Using Audience Insights to Better Your Brand

It’s always necessary to listen to your target audience; only then will you know what they want from their products and the brands that they use. You can’t ask each and every one of your audience face-to-face, but these insights are the next best thing. Carefully considering them in your marketing campaigns and branding should really help you to improve and develop your brand strategy.

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