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Brand StrategySeptember 30, 2020

Introducing the Latana Company Rebrand

September 30, 2020
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Joy Corkery
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Our main priority is to help companies grow legendary brands. We help them gather the insights that allow them to make better marketing decisions and accelerate growth. These decisions come in the form of choosing the best advertising channels, targeting the right audience, finding the most impactful message, and overall creating a brand that will resonate with consumers. Now it’s our turn to take that next step toward building a legendary brand.

Introducing the Latana company rebrand.

Let us walk you through what’s new for the Latana brand and why we made those decisions. Who knows, this article might just have the guidance you need for your own rebrand.

The Latana Company Rebrand

Latana is the insights hub for brands across the world. We are here to help companies understand that brand is perception and that perception drives human behavior. If companies can understand human behavior, then they can predict consumer behavior.

Every Brand Logo Has a Story

At Latana, we are on a quest to understand human perception. Our new logo represents the flame that can navigate the complexity of brand-driven insights.

The concept came from the story of Prometheus who stole fire and gave it to mankind. The wisest Titan, he was praised immensely for his intelligence. This intelligence is inherent in the meaning of his name - forethinker or foresight - the ability to predict the future.

At Latana, Multilevel Regression and Postratification gives us the ability to understand consumer perception, and thus predict consumer behavior, the cornerstone of brand value - intelligence and foresight.

New Colors for a New Era

Color is where the first impression of a brand is based. A simple color can allow a brand to say something - without actually saying it. They help convey emotions, feelings, and experiences that are not easily put into words.

We thought long and hard about the color palette best suited to spread the Latana message. Here’s what we chose:

Purple represents:

  • Our use of advanced technology

  • Our innovation in bringing companies a whole new level of brand tracking

  • Our ambition to be the best brand tracker on the market

But building a strong brand is not just about us, it is also about our customers.

Turquoise represents:

  • Balance in what we do

  • The desire to build trustworthy relationships with brands

  • The curiosity to solve brands’ biggest problem - a lack of reliable data

Everything Brought Together on a New Website

The cherry on top of our company rebrand is our new website. Shaped by our company goals and market realities, there’s a new plethora of pages to discover and information to gain.

Why Latana? Because:

Multilevelregression and Postratification

Audience Segmentation

Data Quality

Discover what advance brand tracking can offer for:

Brand and Marketing Managers

Consumer Insights Managers and Researchers

As you browse our website you will notice simple shapes and gradients, as well as our new illustration and animation principles. We wanted a cleaner, more professional look for our website that would also feel fun and engaging. To do this we started with a lot of white space, filled it with bold content, added gradients and contrasting modules to highlight the most important info with a pop of color, and created illustrations to support our messaging.


Based on our inverted logo, we have created a primary set of abstract shapes that can be used on their own for representing abstract things. They can also be developed into more complex and concrete icons that help us communicate with the customers.


Visually we are sticking to high contrast, simple shapes, both solid colors, and gradients are possible.


Our visuals are professional and trustworthy yet brave and bold. The photos we use bring atmosphere to the subject we are talking about, not duplicate its meaning. They are:

Professional Trustworthy Brave Bold

Final Thoughts

Our company rebrand has been created and carried out based on the needs of our company right now. To successfully rebrand your own company, you need to base decisions on what is right for your audience. We’re happy to discuss how we can help you gather consumers insights upon which you can base marketing decisions.

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