A Guide to Mattress Brand Awareness and Consideration in the US
Brand InsightsJuly 15, 2019

A Guide to Mattress Brand Awareness and Consideration in the US

July 15, 2019
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Do you know how much time you actually spend in bed? Your mattress gets a lot of action and mattress brands have an in when it comes to offering a useful product people want and need. Whether or not people actually know the brand of their mattress is up for debate, but it’s certainly an industry that should take full advantage of brand awareness and brand consideration. Read more to see what our data has to say about brand awareness and brand consideration in the mattress world.

When it comes to the simple things in life, there isn’t much better than a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately getting a good night’s sleep is contingent on a lot of factors. Whether it’s having the time to sleep a full night, being able to actually fall asleep despite the stress of the many responsibilities we all carry, or just being comfortable. Fortunately, there is something you can do to make sure to have a good night’s, or at least better night’s sleep.

That something you can do to rest better is making sure you have a good mattress. Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture you could own. Think about moving into a new apartment or house, one of the first purchases you’ll probably make is a mattress. A mattress isn’t just a place where you sleep. Actually, you spend way more time on a mattress than you think.

In fact, the average American spends 36 years in bed. That’s almost half a lifetime. Between sleeping, relaxing, reading a book, binge watching a TV show, having breakfast in bed, among other things, we spend a lot of time on a mattress. Meaning we should really know more about the thing we’re spending so much time on and make some serious considerations if planning to purchase a new mattress.

Measuring Brand Awareness and Brand Consideration

The mattress business has it pretty easy when it comes to convincing people the utility of a mattress. As you’d suspect, there are quite a few mattress brands out there. All of which rely on brand awareness and then the brand consideration of customers to pick their mattress brand over others.

Brand awareness is how familiar a customer is with a brand. Whether it’s a brand’s logo or its reputation, having strong brand awareness is important to the success of any business. That said, customers don’t purchase all of the brands they’re aware of them. They might actually try and avoid them. A customer needs to think about the brand they want to purchase.

Factors and Categories of Measurement

Back to those 36 years we spend in bed. We wanted to find out the brand awareness and consideration of seven different mattress brands: Purple, Casper, Leesa, Nectar, Saatva, Ghostbed, and Tuft & Needle. For each mattress brand, there were three categories in which we broke down the percentages. Each category also has a specific question in which participates had to answer.

The first category was “Unaided Brand Awareness,” which is a measurement of people who know about a brand without prompting or brand recall. This category is guided by the question, “When you think of mattress providers, which brands come to mind?”  Based on our data, this first category was a bit of a moot point with 0% of our participants from all age groups unable to recognize a mattress brand without aid.

The second category was “Aided Brand Awareness,” which you can assume is the opposite of unaided brand awareness; a measurement of people who know a brand when promoted, also known as brand recognition. The question answered here was, “Which of the following brands have you heard of?”

And the third category was “Brand Consideration” with the question, “Which of the following brands would you consider using?” The last two categories were the juiciest part of our data and also indicates something aided brand awareness and brand consideration. Marketing helps people find and recognize your brand, which can lead them to select your brand over others.

So, What Does the Data Say?

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is American direct to budget consumer mattress company with the backing of a much larger corporation, Serta. Interestingly enough, they were recently voted the best value mattress. When asked about the provider, 0% of participants recognized the brand when given unaided brand awareness.

Even with aided brand awareness only 9% of those surveyed recognized the brand. Our youngest age group of 18 – 25 had an even lower percentage of 7%.

When it came to brand consideration, 51% of all age groups considered using the mattress.


D2C brand Casper sells mattresses and all things sleep-related and has built a cult following as a premier mattress. Here we saw again that with unaided brand awareness 0% of all age groups thought of Casper as a mattress provider. However, in stark contrast to Tuft & Needle, over 43% of the general population recognized the company with aided awareness. The age group 18 – 25 years came in at 32%.

When it comes to brand consideration Casper outshined Tuft and Needle, with over 64% of participants saying they would consider Casper. The 18 - 25 age group surveyed lower at 52%.


Popular for their cooling mattresses, Ghostbed ranked low with aided brand awareness and unsurprisingly 0% of participants thought of Ghostbed in unaided brand awareness. Only 10% of people recognized the brand.

Despite lack of recognition, Ghostbed was able to come in with 50% in all age groups in brand consideration.


Leesa is one of Casper’s top competitors when it comes to luxury mattresses, but they don’t share the same numbers in aided brand awareness. Like Casper and the other mattress brands, 0% of participants thought of Leesa as a mattress provider in unaided brand awareness. In the aided brand awareness category, 19% of the general population had heard of the brand.

Unlike Tuft & Needle or Ghostbed, Leesa was able to move past that 50% threshold in brand consideration, ranging from 56 - 58% between the ages of 26 - 65. The age group 18 – 25 sat behind at 52%.


Not even 5 years old, Nectar has collaborated with celebrities in promoting its brand and was listed as one of the fasted growing e-commerce companies in 2018. Despite this, Nectar’s aided branded awareness found itself at 14% across all age groups.

The company’s brand consideration sits at 51%, similar to other less popular mattress from this study.

Nectar also comes in at 0% with unaided brand awareness.


Another mattress brand with a cult following, reviews and comparison videos of Purple mattress are ubiquitous. The percentage of people who recognized the brand came at 48%, beating out Casper as the top contender.

Brand consideration came in at a whopping 83%. This is despite its unaided brand awareness coming in at 0%.


Our last mattress brand surveyed, Saatva, specialized in luxury mattresses. As a luxury mattress company, their audience was probably tighter than other companies, which is reflected in their aided brand awareness. Only 5% of 18 - 25-year-olds recognized the brand and with the general population coming in at 10%.

All age groups came in at 51% in brand consideration.

Like all mattress brands part of this study, 0% of participants thought of Saatva as a mattress provider with unaided brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

The findings in our data showed that there are some differences in terms of aided brand awareness and brand consideration for the general population. As mentioned before, none of the brands came up for unaided brand awareness.

The fact that all mattress companies had 0% of participants who recognized them with unaided brand awareness is further emphasis on just how important branding is for a product. It’s the brand, rather than the actual product that’s reviewed first and makes that initial impact for a future transaction.

In all age groups, there was a particular brand that was recognized the most with aided brand awareness and that was Purple.

The same brand, Purple, also led in brand consideration with a high percentage of 83%.

Applying Our Mattress Brand Study to Your Brand

In general, collecting brand awareness and consideration statistics is helpful for making more strategic decisions. It can help you figure out where you should be investing in marketing, discover who your audience is or could be, figure out how you compare to your competitors or even change your product to meet demand. There is absolutely no doubt that having strong brand awareness is crucial to the next step in a customer’s mind, brand consideration. You want the customer to recognize your brand, but you also want them to choose it. This can be difficult with more challenge brands, like Eve Sleep, entering the industry.

Interested in growing your brand in the mattress industry? Learn how you can get mattress industry insights for your brand.

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