The Top Brand Marketing Influencers on Twitter 2019
Brand MarketingJuly 24, 2019

The Top Brand Marketing Influencers on Twitter 2019

July 24, 2019
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Do you have an interest in brand marketing? Wanting to learn more about this subject? But do you want to try even more? Here’s one thing you might not have tried just yet—connecting with the most influential brand marketing influencers on Twitter.

To help you get started, we’ve come up with our own list of top brand marketing influencers. Take a look to see who you need to be following.

Twitter’s Most Influential Brand Marketing Influencers

We used Buzzsumo to make the following list of Twitter brand marketing influencers. To decide who had the biggest influence, we looked at the following factors, all of which are Buzzsumo’s definitions:

Page authority. We used a score (on a 100-point scale) that was developed by MOZ. It predicts how well a specific page will rank on various search engines.

Reply ratio. This is the percentage of replies sent by the user.

Retweet ratio. This ratio is the percentage of tweets that are retweeted by the user.

Here's a chart outlining which brand marketing influencers made the list, plus their page authority, reply ratio and retweet ration. Scroll beyond the chart for more information about each brand marketing influencer and where you can find them on Twitter.

Here are the brand marketing influencers who made the list:

Sean Sweeney is the Global Brand Marketing Manager at sportswear brand New Balance. He’s always retweeting the brand’s latest campaigns, providing followers with an insightful look into the world of sports branding.

Niharika Shah works at Prudential as their Head of Brand Marketing & Advertising. Her tweets focus on female empowerment in the workplace and she’s often retweeting branding words of wisdom from the marketing experts she follows.

Sue Warren’s branding expertise lies in the travel and tourism industry as she’s the Brand & Marketing Manager for Bury St. Edmunds and Beyond. Her tweets promote the UK town of Bury St. Edmunds and she’s always retweeting those who are helping to improve the town’s brand perception.

Shahawaz Karim is BMW Motorrad India’s Brand & Marketing Specialist and from his tweets you can really see that his work is also his passion. By tweeting about his own personal experience of BMW motorcycles, he’s offering a positive view of his brands and motorbikes in general to all of his followers.

Ben Kendall is another travel and tourism expert on our list as he’s Airbnb’s UK Brand Marketing Manager. When he isn’t retweeting insights into the UK travel industry, he’s busy promoting the Airbnb brand by retweeting their campaigns and news articles regarding the brand.

Michelle Maskaly works within the pharma and biotech sectors as a content, brand, marketing, and social strategist. She retweets industry news and insights that can help marketing managers within these sectors take their brand further.

Tracey Wallace is a regular on marketing and branding podcasts, so she certainly has plenty of knowledge and insights to share! Her work as a Brand Marketer at Eterneva has given her plenty of experience that she regularly shares with her followers.

Duncan Adams works in brand, marketing, and comms in the UK and is continually retweeting news about the country’s biggest brands. There’s also some political retweets in the mix to give you an idea of some of the bigger factors affecting companies these days.

Gail Axelrod tweets about her favorite marketing and branding podcasts and articles, and is always retweeting those who have something wise to say about these topics. She’s the Director of Brand Marketing at Drift, so you can be sure of plenty of tweets regarding this sale’s oriented company’s latest news and marketing campaigns.

Fiona White is I-COM’s Head of Brand Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester, UK. Even though she isn’t a frequent tweeter, her tweets are all top-quality and are often retweets of I-COM’s branding tips.

Yuwei Zhang is the Associate Director and a marketing and comms whizz at Ey. She regularly tweets about the marketing panels and events that she attends, aiming to give her followers a taste of all the branding knowledge she picks up along the way.

Daniel Sullivan founded Crowdly and is a big advocate of word-of-mouth marketing. He’s another user that isn’t such a prolific tweeter, but when he does tweet, he makes sure that they are insightful and valuable to all his followers.

Alex Cohen has learnt a thing or two about branding during his time as a Brand Marketer for Free Wheel. Even though he’d probably rather be out on the golf course, he still regularly tweets about all kinds of topics, from the future of data to the continued importance of TV advertising.

Max Clark can give you an idea of the ins and outs of B2B marketing as she’s the Marketing Director at UPP B2B. She tweets about the best marketing and branding campaigns she sees out in the wild.

Colin Fleming works in Global Brand & Marketing at SalesForce and is always retweeting the platform’s creative branding campaigns. When he’s not tweeting about business, he’s tweeting about his other love – F1 racing!

Nick Tran has a very impressive resume having worked for Stance, Samsung, and Tacobell. These days he is the VP of Brand Marketing & Culture at Hulu. His tweets aren’t just about the latest binge-worthy series, though, as he’s also very vocal about tech and social media.

Kimmy Colombo works on brand marketing for Nespresso and you’ll see tech, startups, and sustainability covered in all of her tweets. As she’s based in Brussels, she’s also one to watch for all of the latest news coming out of the home of the EU.

Patty McNease is the VP of Brand Marketing at and is the person to follow if you want to know what is hot in real estate marketing. It’s not all about property, though, as she also tweets about various marketing topics, such as her top tips for using Facebookand Instagram.

**[Nicole Taylor**]( covers the brand marketing at Hollister. She tweets about a range of subjects, from that Game of Thrones finale to Miley Cyrus’s feminism.

Laura Weston is a PR & Brand Marketing Consultant who is interested in branding in the sports industry. She also tweets great marketing podcast recommendations, so start following her to discover some new, informative listening material for your commute.

Rick Rockhill is another Brand & Marketing Consultant who makes our list. When not tweeting about national and international news, he’s retweeting the most important topical articles from the world’s biggest publications.

Samantha Binns works for Cisco as their Digital & Brand Marketing Manager. Follow her to see how Cisco are using their online platform as she regularly retweets what the brand is up to.

So, now you know who some of the most influential brand marketers are on Twitter, why not start following them? This is the first step in connecting and building a relationship with them. We’re sure you will have plenty of expertise to share with them, and in turn you can learn a lot from them. Why not pay it forward and share this list with your own network? We’re sure all of the professionals you know will benefit from it! Oh, and if you like to follow @LatanaBrand too we would be forever grateful.

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