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Travel Accommodation Consumer Insights

Consumer insights that will help brands structure their marketing strategy to meet the needs of consumers as they return to traveling.

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Even more in-depth reports for you to enjoy.

A red book with title of Online, Offline, Integrated: The State Of Marketing in 2021 on a red background
Online, Offline, Integrated: The State Of Marketing In 2021

Our latest report examines some of the biggest offline marketing campaigns so far in 2021 and provides insights into whether online or offline marketing will work best for your brand.

Democracy Perception Index 2021
Democracy Perception Index

The world’s largest annual study on how people perceive democracy.

Green book stacked on each other with title of Sustainability Perception Index 2020
Sustainability Perception Index 2020

The Sustainability Perception Index is the world’s largest study on sustainable insights and brands. Discover the winning brands and insights into what consumers want from companies today.

Green book stacked on each other with title of Direct-to-Consumer Brand Awareness Report 2019
D2C Brand Awareness Report 2019

There are big differences in brand awareness distribution across audiences for various D2C brands. We used brand tracking software to prove this. Read the full results in this report.

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