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We connect with real-time online respondents to generate authentic opinions and avoid the learned respondent behaviour of 
traditional panels.


Our research team ensures every KPI 
is rigorously tested and high quality, to allow for full trust in your insights.

Tap into the Global Ad-Tech Infrastructure to Access Billions of Opinions

Move beyond the finite audience pools of incentivised research to access billions of casual, on-the-go opinions

The global ad-tech infrastructure provides access to over 6 billion smartphone users globally. Latana has partnered with DSP providers to advertise our brand surveys via thousands of apps and websites to reach truly organic and casual audiences. This enhances our ability to reach the right audience for you with high speed, high accuracy and high reliability

Access Granular-Level Audiences Through Regional Targeting

DSP use of mobile geo location data allows for high-accuracy regional targeting of audiences

Generating reliable data on smaller target groups (such as cities) can be greatly unreliable if conducted in a traditional sense using finite panel-based and quota-sampling techniques. By partnering with DSP-providers, Latana has not only expanded respondent reach exponentially but also added the ability to target respondents on a granular regional level too.

Increase the Accuracy and Authenticity of Your Insights

Data collection focused on real-time and highly authentic insights from a sample of non-incentivised opt-in users

In order to retain insights from casual survey takers who are not rewarded for their participation, we structure data collection by individual question with easy opt-in and opt-out logic to eliminate any chance of bias. We then apply Bayesian statistical techniques to question-level data to turn these individual responses into meaningful brand insights with a much higher level of authenticity, representativity and reliability.

Precise Brand Research in the Places that Matter Most For Your Brand

City Level Tracking

City level tracking with Latana means accurate insights into how your brand campaigns are impacting target audiences in a specific region. Test one city against another or see if your hyper-local campaigns are making a difference.

Conduct your city-focused brand research with Latana to:

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Get a standardised, concise and regular tracker focused on brand performance and consumer insights

Eliminate the noise and inaccuracy that comes from running a national-level survey when all you need is data for a specific city

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Keep a continuous pulse on your brand insights, with the added flexibility to launch impromptu tracking when needed with a swift turnaround on results

Illustration showing a map and a magnifying glass in white and blue colours
Illustration showing a map and a magnifying glass in white and blue colours
You Need Mobile-Optimized Surveys. You Need Latana.

We rethought the standard survey design and enforced one golden rule for better quality: mobile actions for mobile users.

Latana uses mobile-optimized surveys to reach your customers where they are - in a way that is set up to enable accurate and honest answers. Mobile-optimized surveys not only gather more respondents in real-time, but also improve the ease and accuracy of response to enhance data quality overall. That means our surveys are as easy as “swipe and click!“. We pioneer modern design and easy response actions so you can get reliable insights from the people that matter most.

Mobile phone illustration
Mobile phone illustration
Getting Reliable Brand Research is as Easy as MRP

We use Multilevel Regression and Post stratification (MRP) to guarantee reliable data and deeper insights.

Our MRP-modelling enhances the accuracy and stability of your insights. In addition, it allows you to unlock deep audience segmentation so you can create and track the most important target audiences for your brand. Use MRP-led brand research to ensure:

Precision every time

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Reliable audience segmentation

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Accurate data

Our Quality Promise To You

Trust in your data comes in many forms. Not only do we place focus on data collection and post-processing, we also take extra measures to ensure our datasets are squeaky clean.

Attention to data quality comes in various forms and processes at Latana. In order to ensure the most reliable insights for your brand we perform various in-survey quality checks to terminate fraudulent or suspicious behaviour via fake questions, attention captures and open-ended text, as well as monitoring our surveys for speeding, inconsistent answering and over-representation of demographics.

Growth-Driven Brands Use Latana For Brand Research

Watch how researchers at Holvi successfully measured their key KPIs and used the results to accelerate growth.

Additional Resources for Researchers

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MRP vs. Traditional Quota Sampling Brand Tracking

Learn how advanced brand tracking prevails due to its ability to distinguish real-world changes and provide accurate results with a very low margin of error.

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How Mobile Optimized Survey Designs Can Improve Research Data Quality

Download our whitepaper to learn more about effective survey design techniques for brand tracking research. We share results from multiple experiments about how a mobile-optimized user experience can improve data quality and accuracy when conducting quantitative brand research at scale.

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MRP: Uncovering Insights in Niche Audiences

Learn how advanced brand tracking differentiates itself from other brand tracking solutions by enabling users to detect differences in brand KPIs for niche target audiences, even when the sample size is limited.

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