Sustainability Tracking for Brand Strategy

Track sustainability brand perception and gather consumer insights to move towards a consumer-led sustainability strategy

Understand the Impact of Sustainability on Your Brand

Determine Where You Stand. Track Shifts in Perception. Steer Change.

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Brand Perception

Is your brand perceived as part of the problem or part solution? Change perception with targeted initiatives.

Product Category

Find out what aspects of sustainability are most important for consumers and how this impacts their buying behavior.

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Competitor Benchmark

Benchmark against other industry players and global sustainability leaders and derive a succinct sustainability strategy.

Hundreds of Key Insights, One Great Dashboard

Benchmark Perception

Understand your brand’s consumer sustainability perception in comparison to your direct competitors

Consumer Reasoning

Track the link consumers make between your brand and sustainability and align your strategy

Issue Importance

Assess not only how sustainability resonates with consumers as a whole, but also what sustainability issues they care about

Consumer Intent

Measure consumer intent and determine if they will pay more for your sustainable brand in the foreseeable future

Sustainability Behaviors

Measure commitment, discover if they are already buying into sustainable options, or assess their willingness to spend more

AI-Powered Technology for Brand Sustainability Perception

Easily Launch Projects

Start with our holistic perspective on sustainability or let us tailor a set up around your specific needs.

Advanced Technology

We utilize MRP-led advanced algorithms to ensure the highest possible data quality for tracking research

Discover Your Market Position

Reliable insights provided on a city- and country-level worldwide, all with a consistent methodology

At Latana, We Are Focusing on the Following Micro-Verticals

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Carbon Footprint

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Renewable Energy

Sustainability Perception Index

Latana For Responsible Brands

Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time. Brands no longer have the luxury of ignoring sustainable practices. Consumer perception now has the power to shape a company's future. Building a brand that is perceived as sustainable is now a requirement. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

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Illustration Latana for responsible (1)
How We Do It
Global Reach

Quality Data From Around the World

Reach over 5 million people in more than 100 countries worldwide


Advanced Data Science

Enjoy precise data and reliable insights even for the most niche target audiences

You're in Good Company

Knowing how is Holvi comparing to the competition, and what the unaided and aided awareness of our brand is, helps us improve our strategy
Jarno Nousiainen,Senior User Researcher, Holvi
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