Everything You Need To Know About Brand Identity

A brand’s identity can be a tricky thing to get right, but can often be a vital ingredient in building strong emotional connections with consumers. More than just a personification of your brand or the voice assumed by your social media execs to communicate with customers, a brand identity is an embodiment of your brand’s values and its raison d’etre as well as its appearance and the tone it takes with audiences.

So how do you get brand identity right? Luckily we have lots of resources on this topic!

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The Main Elements of Brand Identity

As we’ve already mentioned, a brand identity is a multi-faceted aspect of your brand and much more than just giving your business 
a personality. In fact, there are three core elements that make up a brand’s identity.

Visual Elements

The visual elements of your brand identity include your logo, the fonts you use, as well as colors, and other design choices. It may also include other visual things such as uniforms, packaging, and the look and feel of your bricks-and-mortar locations (if you have them).

Cultural Elements

These are the values that your brand espouses in its everyday activities and should inform the personality of your brand. It might also tie into your brand’s mission — whether that’s a consumer-orientated goal like offering customers the best value or something loftier like trying to curb carbon emissions or fight for inclusivity.

Communicative Elements

The third and final aspect of a brand’s identity is the elements that relate to communication with consumers — this is more than just the tone of voice that your customer-facing messages have, but also about the types of relationships you foster. For example, increasingly brands engage with consumers on a parasocial level on social media while others rely on that channel mainly as a means of sharing relevant news and attending to customer queries.

Why Is Brand Identity Important?

There’s a really simple reason to establish your brand’s identity and ensure that the visual, cultural, and communicative elements of your brand are designed in advance, rather than pulling your brand together in an ad-hoc way — that reason: Consistency! If you want to create a recognizable brand that fosters loyal customers then consistency is a vital ingredient. It’s the common thread that pulls the various parts of your brand identity together to make a recognizable whole. With a brand identity established you can be sure that every distinct interaction that an individual consumer has with your brand is working towards pre-set goals rather pulling in another direction.

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