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Consumer self-awareness: 
How brands need to change tactics in 2022

Learn how to adapt your marketing strategy 
to meet changing consumer expectations 
in 2022.

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How brands need to use consumer insights to adapt their tactics in 2022

Consumer behavior is evolving and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? In 2022, brands can and should use consumer data to adapt their marketing strategies to suit changing needs and higher expectations. But what are the consumer trends that brands need to know to find success in 2022?

In this webinar, you’ll learn about changing consumer behavior not just around how goods are purchased — online vs. offline, through social commerce, etc. — but also how consumers feel towards key areas of their life in general, such as work/life balance, sustainable living, and mental & physical health.

Whether it be fostering deeper emotional connections, adjusting to changing consumer routines, or focusing on mental well-being, environmental impact, or data protection — this webinar will show that, to grow and find success in 2022, brands will need to listen to consumers.



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What’s Inside?

Illustration of a man and text 57% of all respondents
Exclusive survey data & key 
consumer insights on how 
behaviors are evolving in 2022
Illustration of a cart on a mobile phone screen
Tips on how to adapt your 
marketing strategy to meet 
changing consumer expectations 
& highlight brand perception
Illustration with a shopping bag and sales tags
Direction as how to successfully integrate the values of a brand with 
the needs of the consumer
Illustration of a woman with the text 38% of all respondents
A look into campaigns that 
are resonating with consumers 
and driving demand