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Loyalty Marketing: How you can use it to drive your brand forward

Learn how brands can use loyalty marketing to grow and retain their customer base

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Loyalty marketing is by no means new to the game,

with the most popular loyalty programme coming to life in the 80s: Frequent Flier Miles. However, over the course of time, loyalty marketing is seen as an old school way to create strong relationships with customers. However, in today’s age of marketing, loyalty programmes are still able to retain high-value customers, gather customer insights, and acquire new customers.

In this webinar, you'll learn how companies can use loyalty marketing to build a stronger brand. Plus, you'll hear about how loyalty marketing can increase sales from existing customers and drive referrals.



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What’s Inside?

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A look at how loyalty marketing operates in the ‘10s

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Tips on using loyalty marketing in today’s digital sphere

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Advice on the types of loyalty programmes brands can use