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The future of marketing: 
How mental health campaigns are driving brand perception and loyalty

Learn how brands are building emotional connections by weaving mental health into their campaigns.

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How do consumers view brands that put the spotlight on mental health?

In the wake of Covid-19, consumers are becoming more aware of their mental and physical health than ever before — with 75% of women and 49% of men in the U.S. reporting worsened mental health since the pandemic began. Understandably, many are calling on brands to prioritize mental wellbeing, for both their employees and their customers. To not only survive but thrive in today's market, modern brands need to evolve — and everything points towards prioritizing mental health. Will you move with the times or get left behind?

In this webinar, you'll learn how brands are building emotional connections by weaving mental health into their campaigns. Plus, you'll hear about important shifts in mental health since the pandemic began, top-notch tips on how to incorporate mental wellbeing into branding, and more.



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What’s Inside?

Banner with illustrated man with glasses and text - 64% of all respondents believe that brands should discuss mental health, with Millennials being the main advocates.

Exclusive survey data on how mental health influences consumers' purchase decisions in 2021

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Tips on how focusing on mental health will improve your brand perception, loyalty, and trust

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Direction as how to successfully integrate mental health into your brand strategy to improve brand image

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A look at the latest mental health brand campaigns that are making their mark on consumers