Measure Brand Awareness
Map brand perception globally and increase your brand’s awareness.
Audience Segmentation
Build your dream target audience segments with our Audience Segment Builder.
Data Reach
Designing a mobile-first respondent experience to increase reach and frequency in over 100 countries.
Bayesian machine learning to provide more reliable results than quota sampling.
Data Confidence
Our algorithm detects which respondents are providing high-quality answers to our surveys.

Increase Brand Awareness with Advanced Brand Tracking

Reliably measure your marketing campaigns and use the insights to increase brand awareness over time

Measure Brand Awareness and Grow

Prove Offline Marketing Impact

Show how brand contributes to company growth and profit.

Boost the Best Brand Awareness Campaigns

Only run the best performing campaigns - and cancel those draining your budget.

Understand How You Fare Against the Competition

Discover how aware your target audience is of your competitors and gather insights on how to overtake them.

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Awareness

Download our Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness to learn how to effectively measure brand awareness

Be The Brand Your Target Audience Sees

Increase Brand Awareness

See How Your Campaigns Increase Brand Awareness

Reliably measure changes and prove campaign impact with our machine-learning algorithm.

Increase Brand Awareness

Segment Your Target Audience and Measure Impact on Subgroups

Data is processed using advanced data science, ensuring precision for even the most niche audiences.

Increase Brand Awareness

Discover How Brand Awareness Campaigns Affect Entire Markets

Immediately identify new audiences impacted by your campaigns and to what extent.

Customer Stories

"Latana's brand tracker allows us to prove the value of brand advertising and gives us an understanding of the maturity of our brand across markets"

Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, Headspace

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