Brand Awareness Understand How Consumers Think and Feel About Your Brand

Reliably measure your marketing campaigns and use 
the insights to increase brand awareness over time.

Advanced Brand Tracking
 Bringing Reliable Insights


An easy-to-use and 
customizable dashboard 
where you can explore brand 
data and build audiences.

Machine-Learning Algorithm

Make marketing decisions based on data improved by an algorithm 
that uses audience characteristics 
to ensure quality and accuracy.

Audience Segmentation

Monitor how target audiences 
are performing, discover new audiences, and segment data with a high degree of confidence.

Be The Brand Your Target Audience Sees

Brand Awareness

Measure brand awareness and understand how your marketing campaigns are impacting your target audience.

See How Your Campaigns Increase Brand Awareness

Track specific campaigns over time to prove campaign impact. Add competitor tracking to monitor the performance of competing brands.

Segment Your Target Audience and Measure Impact on Subgroups

No longer waste money on underperforming marketing campaigns. Discover which audience segmentations are performing best and steer your brand strategy toward delevoping them.

Discover New Audiences For Your Brand

Expand your brand strategy by pinpointing 
new areas for growth. Within the data, it is easy 
to immediately identify new audiences positively impacted by your campaigns and to what extent.

Rely on Accurate Brand Awareness Insights

Our brand awareness are free of biases and fluctuations thanks to our use of an AI-powered algorithm. That means you can make marketing decisions based on fact rather than gut feeling.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness

A fresh look at brand tracking fundamentals for high-growth businesses. Find out everything you need to know about brand tracking here.

Round framed blue book with title of The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness

You're in Good Company

Knowing how is Holvi comparing to the competition, and what the unaided and aided awareness of our brand is, helps us improve our strategy
Jarno Nousiainen,Senior User Researcher, Holvi
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