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How do you get inside the heads of millions of consumers across the globe? You use brand tracking.

For many years, brand managers have struggled to accurately track their brand activity, using gut feeling alone to decide how well a brand campaign resonates with consumers. And with ever-increasing importance placed on data-driven marketing decisions, it can be all too easy to fall behind.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Latana presents a realistic solution to improving performance and creating a long-lasting, successful relationship with your target audience.

Everything you need to understand 
your brand performance

Do you want to track how your brand is perceived but don’t want to go through the hassle and costs of running a complex research project? Latana offers a one-stop shop to all the brand metrics that you need to track.

Understand your growth potential

How big is your target market? What share of your target market knows your brand? What do these people look for in a product or service? Do they value quality over price, or price over quality? Latana provides answers to these any many other essential questions to inform your growth strategy.

Speak to the right audience

Who is most likely to buy your product? Which brands do key target groups know best? How can you increase perception in the most efficient way? Latana enables you drill down into key segments to optimize your marketing planning.

Track the impact of your brand marketing

Did your marketing campaign increase the awareness of your brand? Do people have a more positive image of your brand? How many people prefer your brand over that of your competitor? Latana enables you to feel the pulse of your brand and to track the impact of your brand marketing.

Brand Performance Simplified

Industry Benchmarks

If you want to turn data into insights, you need context. Latana has built the world’s largest database on brand performance to give you benchmarks to better understand your performance.

Intuitive Dashboard

Latana’s dashboard gives you an overview of all key insights, lets you create your own charts, and enables you to freely export raw data.

Data Quality

Knowing that your insights are accurate is one of the most important things that will make them actionable and convincing across your organisation. Latana does all the hard work to ensure the highest levels of data quality so you don’t have to.

Case Studies

See how industry leaders are using Latana to improve brand performance.

Round framed illustration of a man and a woman next to magnifying glass

Blinkist improved the performance of their TV campaigns and brand awareness

N26 Hero

How N26 reached a new niche audience and grew their market share

Hero Headspace

Headspace replicated successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth

Insights Into The World’s Leading Brands

Brand Bites Bumble Thumbnail SEO
dating apps

Brand Bite: Bumble

Download to learn more about the brand performance of Bumble and discover which audiences are this feminist dating app's biggest supporters in 2022.

Brand Bites Netflix Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: Netflix

Netflix is losing subscribers after years of growth. With more competition than ever, how does its brand shape up against the competition? Find out in our Brand Bite.

Brand Bites thenorthface Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: The North Face

Download to learn more about The North Face's brand performance and discover which audiences are most engaged with this giant of both outdoor and street wear.

Brand Bites: Glossier

Brand Bite: Glossier

Check out the performance of Glossier's brand funnel for insights that will be key to brand growth in the coming months.

Schweppes thumbnail

Brand Bite: Schweppes

Enjoy insights into Schweppes' brand performance and how the long-standing, global brand fares against its main competition in Germany.

Brand Bites goop Thumbnail SEO
health & wellness

Brand Bite: Goop

Explore the data behind Goop’s brand performance and find out how effective the marketing is of this popular lifestyle & wellness brand.

Brand Bites Sephora

Brand Bite: Sephora

Learn more about the brand performance of this multinational retailer.

Black Latana and Lush logos on black background

Brand Bite: Lush

Take a deeper look into Lush's brand performance to discover which audiences are driving sales for this environmentally-friendly brand in 2021.

Blue Latana and Calm logos on a blue background

Brand Bite: Calm

Take a deep dive into Calm's brand performance to discover which audiences are driving this mediation and mindfulness app's impressive success.

Brand Battles Apparel Thumbnail SEO

Brand Battles: Apparel

Get free access to our Brand Battle series and find out how 8 diverse apparel and fashion brands perform against each other and which one comes out on top.

Bloom & Wild thumbnail

Brand Bite: Bloom & Wild

We used our brand tracking platform to analyze the audiences of Bloom & Wild. We found that sometimes you need to venture into unexpected fields to better connect ideal audience segments.

Brand Bites TheHonestCompany Thumbnail SEO

Brand Bite: The Honest Company

Get in-depth insights into the performance of lifestyle brand The Honest Company and find out which consumers it is successfully connecting with.

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Whether you’re looking for new target audiences, learning how to optimize your marketing strategy, or accelerating the best campaigns, we’ll walk you through every step

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Access up-to-date research and reports on the hottest areas of brand.

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Receive more technical, in-depth descriptions of how advanced brand tracking works.

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Insights into brand performance using Latana's brand tracking data.

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