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Latana is the only brand tracking tool that provides accurate consumer insights from 100+ countries worldwide in one intuitive dashboard.

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Advanced Technology To Fit Your Brand Tracking Needs

Customizable Insights

We provide unprecedented flexibility in exploring brand data by letting you define what matters the most. Customize your dashboard to fit your needs using combinations of geography, time period, KPIs, brand, and audience segments.

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Easy Access To Data

Our intuitive dashboard provides easy access to all brand insights and enables you to easily prepare reports and run ad hoc research.

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Flexible Segmentation

We give you access to highly granular data so that you can understand how niche audiences perceive your brand.

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Industry Benchmarking

Latana provides a range of industry benchmarks so you can see how you stack against competitors, industry averages, and top performers. Use the metrics to easily analyze your successes, failures, and areas needing improvement.

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How We Do It

Mobile Surveys

Our mobile-first micro-surveys allows us to easily reach over 4 billion mobile users in 100+ countries worldwide. They are designed to ensure faster and more reliable results with unprecedented accuracy and granularity.

AI-Powered Analytics

Our technology separates signal from noise and uncovers real world changes ensuring 90% lower margins of error across niche audience segmentations. We detect the difference between outliers and real-world effects to provide reliable and precise results.

Instant Access to the Perception of Millions

You're in Good Company

Knowing how is Holvi comparing to the competition, and what the unaided and aided awareness of our brand is, helps us improve our strategy
Jarno Nousiainen,Senior User Researcher, Holvi
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